As a premier stuntwoman in Hollywood, Zahara Parrish is no stranger to risk. Neglected as a child, she learned early on never to depend on. Reckless (Renegades) (Volume 1) Skye Jordan books to read, cheap books, good books, online books, books online, book reviews epub, read books online. New York bestselling author of red-hot romance, Skye is a California native temporarily transplanted to the Washington DC with her husband, living in the.

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Reckless (Renegades #1). Front Cover. Skye Jordan. ePub Bud ( com), Aug 22, 0 Reviews. Goodreads, Reckless Read Online Free By Skye Jordan. 2novels, Wild Zone ( rough Riders, Book 4) By Skye. Jordan And Joan Swan, Epub Bud - Download. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. "Hotter than hell and way more fun! Skye Jordan's writing sizzles!" --Elisabeth Naughton, New York Times bestselling.

Skye Jordan is now following CK 's reviews. Sep 11, Quotes by Skye Jordan. I have a to-read list that has gotten out of control and far too many books that I need to read for review. So with that said, I really really need your help for next month's group read. I've listed a few that have been on my to-read for awhile now that I want to read soon. So which of the follow books would you like as the group read book for March?

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Mar 10, When are u coming out with another renegades book? Great series!!! Aug 31, Thank you for the friendship.

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Rebel Renegades, 2 4. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Ricochet Renegades, 3 4. Rumor Renegades, 3.

He knew almost every face-teammates, coaches, trainers, Beckett's family and friends, the team owner,,, Arguably, this location held the most important people in Tate's life, yet he couldn't have been lonelier. He'd known this season break would be rough-his first since he'd broken up with Lisa-but knowing it and living it were very different. Plain and simple-it sucked donkey balls. Another flash of light pulled his gaze back to the door, where people lined the stairs to the entrance and the woman was still bothering Matthew.

Either kick her ass to the curb so Matt can do his job, or paint a bull's-eye on your forehead. Maybe you could score tonight. I'd do it myself, but I asked one of the Rider Girls to be my plus one, and she'll be here soon.

Rapture by Skye Jordan

Which one? The only reason you even know they exist is because they annoy the shit out of you. Oh, hey, there she is.

Dude, you need to score. Tate took another sip of his whiskey and watched the Rider Girl's face light up when she saw Hendrix.

She lifted to her toes to wrap her arms around his neck in a hug, then pulled back and smiled before she kissed him. Heaviness collected beneath Tate's ribs. He knew he needed some of that. A lot of that, actually. But he was caught between a rock and a hard place right now. He wasn't a one-night-stand kind of guy. In fact, he'd never had one. For him, sex always included a relationship.

And since Lisa, Tate had an aversion to both relationships and women in general. One he needed to get over. Tate glanced around the warehouse again.

Dozens of beautiful women mingled throughout the space. Many were here with a date or spouse, but many were here solo or with family. And every one of them under the age of forty-okay and even a few above-was attractive.

Rapture by Skye Jordan

The majority of them were beautiful. He searched all the women for something to interest him-their looks, their smile, something. But nothing flickered inside.

He sighed and glanced toward the front door again. Sparkles was still bugging Matt. Still grinning. She had her hand on the rail, her body loose in a relaxed posture.

She said something to Matt, then turned to the couple handing over their invitations, and spoke to them. Now everyone was grinning, including Matt. And with one more comment from Sparkles, they all burst out laughing.

Curiosity stirred inside Tate.

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The couple stepped inside, and Matt continued taking invitations, but he still didn't let Sparkles into the party. Now Tate wanted to know the story. And if she was a puck bunny, he wanted to steer her away quietly. Those women were notoriously obnoxious.

They'd do just about anything to get attention, and she was working that door hard. Tate approached the entrance, stepping aside to let the flow of guests pass as he assessed the woman through the glass. Now, just a few yards away, he had his first good view of her. The fact that she was attractive wasn't a surprise. Tate hadn't realized how many gorgeous women existed in the world until he'd gone pro. Now they'd become commonplace, one was almost indistinguishable from another.

Sparkles wasn't as petite as she'd looked from a distance. She was on the taller side, at least five foot eight or nine. Her body was long and lean with the kind of curves that made Tate's mind wander toward thoughts of wrapping his arms around them, feeling her up against him.

The skirt of her sequined dress was short, and her tanned, toned legs went on and on, ending with matching sparkling spiked heels strapped to her feet. Before his mind could wander again, Tate spotted Jake Tierney strolling across the parking lot toward the steps. This would be interesting. Tierney turned every female head within a five-mile radius. He was also one of the most eligible bachelors in hockey, with one of the fattest paychecks.

If Sparkles was a puck bunny, she'd lock on to him instantly. And Tate would know exactly what to do with her. As he waited for the two to cross paths, Tate scanned her again and realized she was holding nothing but a cell phone.

No wrap. No purse. Where was she hiding her makeup? Her change of clothes for the morning after? Her condoms?

Her sex toys? Tate offered a hello to one of the Rough Riders' trainers and his wife while Tierney slipped past the guests in line. But at the door, instead of coming inside, he paused, eyeing Sparkles with interest. He smiled, turning on the charm that made most women swoon, and said hello. Sparkles offered a polite response, but then crossed her arms and paced to the opposite side of the small platform, staring out at the night.

Tierney gave Matt a shrug and turned into the warehouse, stopping when he saw Tate. I'm gonna find out what her story is. Get the whole story. Tierney chuckled.

Get some, would you?Also by Skye Jordan Plain and simple-it sucked donkey balls. Error rating book. For him, sex always included a relationship. I have a to-read list that has gotten out of control and far too many books that I need to read for review.

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