Definition: It is an internetworking device Used to connect two or more different networks. The gateways are connected through a layer 3 network to an aggregation router. The router includes input and output circuitry for receiving and routing data packets to computing devices. Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man logo, A Reference for . Publishing and Editorial for Technology Dummies and Routers. Basics of TCP/IP, Switching, Routing and Firewalling. Why this article? After reading the following question at least a gazillion times: My DCC is not working.

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RIB is the Routing Table. – It contains a list of all the destinations and the various next hops used to get to those destinations – and lots of other information too!. ⇨entire books on routing. →our scope: ⇨give a flavour of basic routing structure and messaging. ⇨give an high-level overview of IP routing protocols. Switching and Routing for Dummies - IP Routing. May 08, | By Chris Yoo ( [email protected]). Online viewer: HTML · PDF Viewer (paper file).

At the end of the Ethernet frame comes a trailer that contains some error-detecting information.

Bridges are the network devices that look at the frame Layer 2 header to figure out which adjacent system should get the frame next. Bridges adjust the frame source and destination addresses called Media Access Control addresses, or MAC addresses so that the frame addresses show each network device that a frame came from and where it is going on each hop from source to destination.

Wait a minute!

A bridge changes the source and destination addresses each hop along the way, which makes it hard for the end systems to figure out where the frame came from and whom to reply to.

Although a different frame at least as far as MAC addresses are concerned is sent hop-by-hop through the network, the data content of the frame , called the Layer 3 packet , remains intact from source host to destination host. Network devices that look at the packet Layer 3 header to figure out which adjacent system should get the frame next are called routers.

Routers cannot adjust the packet source and destination addresses the IP addresses so that the receiver knows that the packet is for them and where to reply.

However, routers do adjust the MAC addresses in the Layer 2 frame hop-by-hop, just like bridges. However, if you define a bridge as a MAC-frame-address-examining-device and a router as an IP-packet-address-examining-device, then there does not seem to be anything left for a switch to do.

When applied to LANs, a switch is a device with a number of characteristics that can be compared to bridges and routers. Internet and forwarded to the internal network. To configure port forwarding on your router you will need admin privileges.

Regardless of exactly how you configure it, as it varies by device, what you are essential doing is creating a mapping table that maps an external address and port to an internal address and port. This video shows how to configure port forwarding on a BT Home Hub.

This video shows you how to set it up on a Linksys router. It also shows you how to set a static IP address for your machine.

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Once you have forwarded the ports you may want to check that they are really open using an open port checker. Connecting to a Forwarded Port To connect to the forwarded port from the Internet you will need to know the external IP address of the Router and the Port number that has been forwarded.

Therefore when using port forwarding you might also what to consider using Dynamic DNS. A- No the external port is mapped, and not the external IP address.

A- You should always use a static one. A- It depends on the application.Works on any unassigned network: [RTA] ip route-static 0. At the end of the Ethernet frame comes a trailer that contains some error-detecting information.

Wireless access point is linked to the wired connection so that monitoring occurs on the main router, called traceback. The highest port identifier the lowest port number represents the port assigned as the root port with other ports defaulting to the alternative port role. A trunk port is not connected to a machine but a switch. Packets exist for 20seconds.

Verifying static route load balancing [RTB] ip route-static Netmanias USA: Layer 2 Just need a switch and the end device. Distribution routers are often responsible for enforcing quality of service across a wide area network WAN , so they may have considerable memory installed, multiple WAN interface connections, and substantial onboard data processing routines.

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