Indebted series by Pepper Winters (#) Nila Weaver's family is indebted. Being the first born #1 Debt Inheritance - Pepper Pepper Winters - [Indebted 01] - Debt Inheritance (epub) Pobierz plik *.epub with Pepper Winters, please join the Facebook group below: Indebted Series. Dokument: epub ( KB) Dark #3) Indebted Series Debt Inheritance ( Indebted #1) First Debt (Indebted Series #2) Second Debt (Indebted Series #3) Third.

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This first book in the Indebted series is not only dark and deliciously sinful, but also chilling to the bone to read. I have to emphasize that this is NOT a romance, . PDF, EPUB, MOBI Indebted Epilogue Pepper Winters Ebook Download. Indebted Epilogue (Indebted Series Book by Pepper Winters. Romance Novels Love. Fifth Book in the New York Times Bestselling Indebted Series. Wed won. Wed cut through the lies and treachery and promised an alliance that would free us.

Fjord is covering his mouth, water spilling from his fingers as he coughs again. Caleb watches as Fjord wipes at his mouth and his hand comes away drenched in water.

Didn't mean to wake you. They have spent enough months together now that Caleb can discern when Fjord is putting on an act. This, this is an act. He has yet to take Fjord up on his offer, he is still fearful that any inkling Fjord gets of Caleb's past will secure Caleb's damnation in the eyes of the Empire--that Fjord will turn on him and turn him in, or worse.

That Fjord will abandon him instead to his own devices, look at him with disdain. Caleb could not handle that, not now that he has allowed himself this close to someone. It is too late for Caleb to turn his back on Fjord without a heavy heart.

Watching the way Fjord is hiding behind his hands, Caleb wonders if perhaps he should give Fjord something to help him through the night. He hasn't introduced Frumpkin to Fjord yet, perhaps now would be a good time. Caleb snaps his fingers, and Frumpkin pops into existence, startling Fjord who flinches and then proceeds to sneeze, rather loudly. He could, but then he would be unable to turn Frumpkin back into a cat.

But if it will help Fjord I can change him into any animal so long as I have the incense to do it. Fjord reaches out a hand and gently presses two fingers to Frumpkin's head.

Frumpkin mrrphs and leans into the touch. Caleb adds, pointedly. He has soothed many a night for me. He begins to stand, to return to his bed, but Fjord reaches out and gently touches Caleb's ankle. Caleb pauses. Debt They are both lying in the dirt, staring up at the sky, the stars shining down on them.

They were exhausted, another battle just barely survived, barely won. Fjord was bone tired, and Caleb, holding his side, had been too close to dying for Fjord's liking. He'd managed to shove a healing potion, a potion he'd been saving since departing Port Damali for an emergency, down Caleb's gullet.

Caleb had gotten up, looked at Fjord with something like confusion mixed with thankfulness in his face, and then incinerated their enemy into a crisp.

It was the first time Caleb had not gone catatonic after killing an enemy with fire. They were breathing in sync together now, shoulder to shoulder on the ground. His voice is still hoarse. Caleb's fingers are splayed apart, risen in the air, arm stretched as far as it can go, like he's reaching out for something in the distance, just a few inches away.

There is soot on his cheek, dark and patchy against his pale skin. It softens his face and shadows his jawline. Fjord wonders if he is thinking about his special someone, or if this is in reference to his nightmare of last night, when Fjord had held him down while he screamed and flailed in his sleep, because Fjord had been afraid that Caleb would hurt himself. He seems so far away and so close at the same time. Fjord's fingers twitch to reach out and touch.

You help me with my magic. You helped me with my nightmare. Caleb breathes out, shakily, but doesn't move away from Fjord's touch. Fjord pulls his hand away from Caleb's face. Beginning Fjord leans in the doorway, watching the shift of light playing across Caleb's face from where he is sitting at the window. He pulls the flyer the purple tiefling had handed him and waves it in the air for Caleb to see. Aren't we a bit old for that.

When is it? But they have some pre-carnival activities we can participate in before then if we want. Fjord inclines his head, teeth flashing just a bit. I don't put much stalk into it but I'm sure it'll be fun to try it out, yeah?

Just as they are about to crest the landing he tugs gently on Caleb's sleeve, halting him. I may have invited some people to join us while we walk about My name is Jester and wow do you smell! They have baths here you know. Caleb leans away from her, bewildered. A human with hair pinned back high comes into view, arms crossed and scowl in place. Sorry Beau! Fjord can feel Caleb's eyes on him as they reach ground level.

Fjord ignores him. There is another person beside her, much much shorter wearing a porcelain mask.

She hadn't said much when Fjord had met them but Fjord can just see a bit of green peeking out from under her hood. Beau pulls the hood further over the child's head. Beau seems appeased and then looks over at Caleb, who is still frowning.

Fjord nudges him not so subtly. Two debts down. Too many to go. Jethro Hawk no longer recognises himself.

The Third Debt will be the ultimate test Fourth Debt 5: But even as we won, we lost. She gifted her entire soul to a man she believed was worthy. And in the process, she destroyed herself. Three debts paid, the fourth only days away. The Debt Inheritance has almost claimed another victim. Jethro Hawk fell in love.

Indebted Epilogue

He let down his walls to a woman he believed was his cure. For a moment, he was free. But then he paid the ultimate price. There is no more love. Only war. Hope is dead. Now, there is only death all around them. Final Debt 6: It all comes down to this. Love versus life.

Debts versus death. Who will win? Indebted Epilogue 7: Life after death…love after debts…is it possible after so much pain? You'll see. Even my phone got excited when he texted.

My heart fluttered. A hot flush covered my body remembering the last sentence I'd received from Kite I'd made the mistake of reading it just as I boarded the short flight from England to Spain. I don't need to know what you look like to get hard-guess where my hand is. Of course I couldn't help myself. Because I was a sex-starved woman surrounded by over-protective men. I replied: I don't need to hear what you sound like to get wet-guess where my hand wants to be?

I'd never been so blatant. With anyone. The moment I sent it I freaked out, wishing I could unsend. I'd spent the trip in a confused state of arousal and denial. And never received a reply. Until now. I hid my flush, pretending nothing enticing taunted me on my phone. I loved my father and brother-so damn much-but if they knew,,,the proverbial shit would hit the fan. It's stunning. Anyone can see that. It's going perfectly, and I couldn't be prouder of you. Considering the word 'twin' meant mirror image, Vaughn was taller, better looking, and overall more vibrant than me.

He made others envious with his natural beauty, while I made others feel beautiful with dresses sewn with twenty-four carat gold and dyed with exclusive inks costing a small fortune.

I supposed that was my talent: Mirror image alright-the direct opposite. Why aren't you showcasing my clothes? Create some decent clothes for males, then I might stoop and be your headline act. I keep telling you to go into business with me and create a men's line. There'd be no stopping-" Vaughn rolled his eyes. I've heard a perky pair of boobs and sex will download your attention for at least a weekend.

You're my sister. Why the hell are we talking about sex? You know we were raised better than that. I didn't want to lose the wound-up tension from my collection, but Vaughn never failed to earn a lip-twitch.

I sighed, shaking my head. You'd be lucky if I hired your scrawny ass.

As my track record states. I used to be jealous of his deliciously good looks. My brother was rich brocade while I was boring calico.

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But now, I was proud. I might be graced with a body requiring embellishment by other means than fate, but I knew the secrets of illusion. I'd spun magic with a sewing machine since I was a little girl, stepping from the shadow of my family's name, carving a small slice of greatness for myself. The dark room hid the large crowd but couldn't disguise the heavy press and body heat of numerous downloaders, shoppers, and catalogue procurers.

Vaughn squeezed me tighter. I want a smile. You've worked on this for months. Stop being so damn pessimistic and celebrate.

I froze, cursing my twisting stomach and the fire-bolt to my core. The nameless teasing male who had more power over me than any other man. A stupid secret crush. With a stranger no less. It's a sad day when I'm emotionally invested in a fantasy. I should never have replied to the incorrectly sent message a month ago. Then I might've directed the small energy I had left after working so hard and find a real man.

One I could kiss and flirt with in person. The jagged pain lashed again. I'd asked Kite, after a late night volley of messages, if he'd be interested in meeting.

So,,,I was wondering,,,I'm sitting here drinking a glass of wine and thought you might like to do that sometime? Go out for a drink, in person, together? I'd pressed send on the jumbled, awkward sentence before I lost my nerve.

I'd never asked anyone on a date before-it nearly gave me a heart attack. He'd never replied. Silence was his usual reaction to dealing with something he didn't want to discuss-only to message a few days later on a completely different subject.

Where sexual innuendoes were hard for me, Kite was a master. He used it as a weapon, making me forget we had no depth to our conversations,,,not that they were conversations. When he did reply, it'd been a clever mix of teasing and emptiness-reminding me not to read into this shallow form of communication.

I'm in a meeting and all I can think about is your nun outfit. You wearing underwear today? That stopped my wishful thinking of meeting him in person. Untangling myself from Vaughn, I pretended to scrutinize the remaining models while I indulged in the very first text I received. The one that began it all. Tonight won't work for me, but waiting will only make you wetter. Be a good girl and don't argue. I'll make sure to reward your patience. A shiver worked its way under my expensive gown.

I'd never received a message like that.

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And it wasn't meant for me. I imagined some lucky woman looking forward to her reward. I tried to delete the message-I really did. But after twenty-four years of being hidden away from boys, I couldn't help myself.

My reply was utterly ridiculous. I'm afraid you're talking to a nun who understands nothing of sexual hints and not-so-subtle suggestions. Patience to me is payment after waiting for a microwaved chocolate pudding. Wet to me is the brief enjoyment of a shower before the slave labour of my job.The Book.

It was just so twisted and dark, and it had me completely enthralled. But, Jethro, before that. I'd been waiting to hear from him for two days.

I have to emphasize that this is NOT a romance, at least not yet. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

What the hell was he doing messaging me?

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