Open Season by Linda Howard. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Linda Howard is the award-winning author of many New York Times bestsellers, including Up Close and Dangerous, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Cover of Night. Results 1 - 24 of 40 See search results for "Linda Howard" in the Washington Anytime Library digital collection. Wait list ยท The Woman Left Behind - ebook.

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OverDrive Listen audiobook 7 MP3 audiobook 7. Fiction 40 Romance 38 Suspense 30 Thriller 12 Fantasy 3. Any fool could look at where his truck was hit and tell who was at fault here.

He just wrote the tickets and in the accident report stated that both drivers were at fault, and seriously pondered whether or not he should lock these two up for the safety of the universe.

But he restrained himself, and oversaw the transportation of both furious drivers to the local hospital to be checked out, and the removal of the damaged vehicles.

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He was tired, hungry, and both angry and discouraged. Generally he loved his work. Granted, it was usually scut work; he dealt with the worst of society, while having to maneuver on tippy-toes through a tangle of laws and regulations.

But when everything worked and a drug dealer got sent away for a few years, or a murderer was put away forever, or a burglary gang was rounded up and an old lady on Social Security got her inch television back, that made it all worthwhile. He was a good sheriff, though he hated the political side of it, hated having to campaign for office. Not many people had that chance.

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During full moons, however, he doubted his own sanity. He had to be a fool or an idiot, or both, to want a job that put him on the front lines during the periods of rampant weirdness. Cops and emergency room personnel could all testify to the craziness that went on during a full moon. The scariest thing about it was that both of them had been sober.

So one full moon a month was all Jackson felt any human should be called upon to endure. A blue moon, the second full moon in a single month, fell under the heading of cruel and unusual punishment.

For one thing, though the radio traffic was usually businesslike, for the benefit of the good citizens who listened in on their scanners, the dispatcher had fallen into a more personal tone.

He flipped the cover open and dialed the dispatcher. Sometimes the citizens involved might not agree, but Jackson always did. This was one of those times when growing up in west Texas instead of south Alabama was a definite handicap. He knew where Old Boggy Road was, but only because he had spent days looking at county maps and memorizing the roads.

He had never personally been on Old Boggy, though. And he knew who Thaniel Vargas was; a slightly thick-headed troublemaker, the type found in every community.

Mar 20, There are several others.

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Open Season

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He was beginning to get severely pissed.

Thxs Donna!! General adult It all started when the driver of the first vehicle, a pickup truck, woke up and realized he had missed his turn by about a quarter of a mile.

Add the madness of a full moon to an understaffed department, and the problems multiplied. I hadn't even exhausted them.

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