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Fundamentals of database systems / Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe. the database management systems, and database system implementation tech-. A database-management system (DBMS) is a collection of interrelated data and a largely displaced by database management systems, and static reporting. Click here toi Download-dbms free ebook downloa The course contents data Enhanced data models for advanced applications Please.

And it turns out data warehouse queries go wildly faster if you organize the data column by column by column — in other words, rotate your thinking 90 degrees. Some problems are better attacked by row stores, some of them better by column stores.

On Object-Oriented Database Systems

I just listened to a recent lecture that you had, where you had mentioned that data analysts will eventually be superseded by data scientists and a new wave of data-driven analysis? So data warehouses are oriented toward records of historical customer-facing data.

And warehouses are accessed by business intelligence people who are trying to do better stock rotation or to better understand their customer, or whatever. There is a burgeoning community of users of database systems that call themselves data scientists. My favorite example of a data science application was a business pitch from a startup I listened to three or four years ago.

They were working with one of the big hotels in Las Vegas. The hotel wants to maximize room revenue per night.

And you can lower your prices and fill up the rooms, or you can charge high prices and have a lot of empty rooms, or you can have dynamic pricing whereby how much you charge people varies by how long in advance it is, how full you are, and all that kind of stuff.

And historical hotel occupancy. You get a lot of features and you have as much history as you can get your hands on. Then you want to fit a predictive model to these features. The predictive model wants to predict either hotel occupancy or the price you want to charge, based on all these various features.

So if you can fit a model, then look at the model output, and you set your prices according to what this predictive model suggests. So this is one kind of thing a data scientist does. And this is just a very, very, different kind of activity than done in data warehouses or online transaction processing.

And there are a whole collection of business intelligence tools that allow you to look up more historical data and slice it and dice it whatever way you want, and get some business insight. So those folks are called business analysts. With a business intelligence person, you get a big table of numbers; with a data scientist, you get a predictive model.

So which would you rather have if you are the CEO of this company? You would rather have the predictive model. In addition, data scientists are gonna do all this other stuff. For one of your newer projects, you are involved with a company that is doing machine learning to do data prep and data cleansing, right?

Okay, well, let me give you a quick example.

Database Management System MCQs

Do you know what a procurement system is? Oh yes, yes, very much so, yeah. Okay, so if you work for a company and you want to download some paper clips, you go to your procurement system. You type in a bunch of stuff about who to charge it to, and the procurement system spits out a download order.

You take it down to Staples and they give you your paper clips.

Okay, so the obvious correct number of procurement systems for any company to have is one. Yes, logically, yeah. So GE has The reason for all these different procurement systems is GE is very divisional-ized or silo-ized.

And if a given division downloads lots of paper clips and gets a better price, then some other division. So every one of these 75 procurement systems has a supplier database. And so, these were all independently constructed. There is no concept of a global key. No concept of a unique supplier ID. You know, you have to somehow piece together, with very imperfect data, who the same customers are.

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Because in your database, it might be Staples, Incorporated with an address in Gaithersburg. Put differently, all enterprises silo-ized so they can get stuff done. So they divide into business units so that they can get agility.

Right, because the problem is master data management is a very mature field. You said exactly how the stuff works. And so, just a quick for example. GE, I guess this is probably in some single year, has 20 million spend transactions.

And they have a classification system for spend. You can spend on parts, you can spend on services. Parts can be computers, computers can be memory, so forth. So they have a classification hierarchy, and all they want to do is classify 20 million spend transactions into this hierarchy.

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Documents and essays. Letters and memoirs. Literature by country. Medicine and health. Science and technology. Social Sciences. Tales and short stories. Tourism and travel.Business data processing is pretty much happy with relational databases, but for the entirety of everybody, one size does not fit all. Before the establishment of relational databases, only users with advanced programming skills could retrieve or query their data.

So those folks are called business analysts. Object relational and extended relational databases. Social Sciences.

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