Our Kind of Traitor. Home · Our Kind of Traitor Author: John Le Carré. 7 downloads Our Kind of Traitor · Read more · Our Kind of Traitor: A Novel. Read more. With Our Kind of Traitor John LeCarré con- tinues his best-selling series of spy novels set in the post-Cold War era, this time pitting a richly. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Those readers who have found post–cold war le Carré too cerebral will have much to cheer about.

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GMT Our Kind of Traitor - Wikipedia Our Kind of Traitor - free PDF, spicesinlaris.cf?book= Get Download [PDF] Our Kind of. Our Kind Of Traitor A Novel - [Free] Our Kind Of Traitor A Novel [PDF] [EPUB] To comply with the Wikipedia quality standards, this book-related. announce the start of shoot tomorrow in London of OUR KIND OF TRAITOR. Susanna White directs this adaptation of John le Carré's novel.

I don't think I've read a Le Carre novel before this one," admits McGregor who plays Perry, a university lecturer who's cheated on his barrister wife Gail Naomie Harris , in the film. He's trying to repair the damage he's done and the hurt he's caused," he adds. They're in Marrakech when Perry meets the charismatic Russian Dima Stellan Skarsgard , who befriends the couple over games of tennis and lavish parties at his villa, before revealing his involvement in the Russian Mafia.

Hoping to defect with his family to Britain, Dima asks for their help to deliver classified information to the British secret services. It was terrifying!

He was charismatic, interesting, the same way Dima is in this movie. And I can absolutely imagine that if that man had said to me, 'I'm in trouble, my family are in danger, could you give this [file] to someone back in your country?

It's a challenge McGregor enjoyed. His wife is the main earner, he feels emasculated somehow, and ends up in bed with one of his students. They're all good.


Natasha is here. All the rest are in Switzerland.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Examining the Evidence to Define Benefit Adequacy

It's nice to see you again. How are you doing? Aren't you going to introduce us to your friends, Dima?

I'm Gail and this is my husband Perry. How do you know Dima?

We met on holiday. How do you feel about Paris? How long are you gonna stay? How long are you in town for? We leave the day after tomorrow. Okay, so tomorrow we play tennis. I'll beat the shit out of you. Anything else that stood out? Just the tennis. Well, he also said, "I'll download you a massage after I beat you. You okay to go? Do we have a choice?

We'll make contact tomorrow and it'll be over, I promise. Mondays, the resident masseurs at the Club des Rois have the day off. They only come in by appointment. Clever bastard.

Too early for a glass of champagne? Never too early for me. Good to see you. Gail, you beautiful woman. I've got clothes for you. Gail, you look after my Natasha? Yeah, of course. Nice to see you again. Did you have a good night, Professor? And yours? After you. It's good to meet you. I need some of your famous fucking British fair play. First of all we have to decide if what you have to offer is worthwhile. My information is good. My papa just told me about it. But you've been to Paris before?

Gotta go. Hello, boys. Names, addresses.

Bankers, politicians. Names and addresses. No account numbers. Nothing we can't find in the phone book. An extraordinary list of names, though. It's no good to us so far. Are you all right? Wm You've stopped breathing, Professor. You'll have a heart attack. A list of names and personal information isn't enough. I need proof that all these people are being paid by the Prince.

You get my family to England, I'll tell you everything. You cooperate or there'll be no deal. You give that list to your bosses and see what they say. I know what it's worth. I want UK passports. I want hour protection for my family. How much are these people being guaranteed if the Arena Bank gets its license in London? And Aubrey Longrigg? Another 10 million on first day of trading. All paid to a secret account in Switzerland. I need their account numbers. Bankers, politicians, all of them.

I don't have them until after Bern. I make the payments to them at the same time I sign over the accounts that I control to the Arena Bank. Well, then, I'm afraid I can't do anything for you or your family until then. Why can't you get them out now? This doesn't concern you. It's okay, Professor. When does the signing take place? Wednesday at After that, the prince will have a reception at the Bellevue Hotel.

You get me their account numbers, we'll find a way to smuggle you out. I don't give a fuck what happens to me. I want my family safe. We will try to take care of them, too. I give you my word. I don't trust your fucking word. Well, then, it's the end of the conversation. I'll go with the prince to Bern. I'll get the fucking numbers. With your husband?

That's a very direct question. I'm curious why a couple who've been married 10 years would take two romantic holidays in the space of a month. Where is he taking us? Why are we going on the motorway? I have to drop something for a friend. It's okay, it's on the way. We need to get to our hotel. Just a few minutes. What happened in there? He gave him another memory stick, but it didn't seem to be enough. They used his children's lives to bargain with him. I just stood there and said nothing.

Well, what could you say? I have to wait for her. I'm sorry, Professor. Well, how long is she gonna be? Get us a taxi. No, taxi take longer.

Come inside. We'll leave as soon as she comes. It's not safe here. My friend comes soon. Have some tea. Come, come, come.

Sit, sit, sit. No, thanks. It's funny you here in Paris. Why is it funny? You, me, Dima. It's like Morocco. It was sunnier in Morocco. No, merci. Who you work for, Professor? I teach at a London university. Maybe I come visit you in London, visit your house, we go to football match together. It's not okay. What kind of guy does that? You feel like a big man? Feel like a big guy now, do you? A big fucking strong guy? Fucking idiot.

What are you doing? Calling an ambulance is what I'm doing. I call doctor. Do it now. You lied to Dima, you lied to them and you lied to me. Bill Matlock has no idea we're here, does he? If you're concerned about your career, you can always go back to counterterrorism. Fuck you. Once we have those account numbers, London may listen to us.

Until then, they won't. You okay? No, we're not okay. A car will come to meet you off the Eurostar at St Pancras and take you home. When will the family arrive in England? Well, Dima's signing in Bern is next Wednesday morning. What's the matter? We don't know when we can get the family out. Why not? Because the operation hasn't been sanctioned. What does that mean? It means that once we get Dima back to the UK, I'll be able to make a case for the family. They'll kill them.

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We don't have the people or the resources to smuggle them all out. Getting his family out is all he wants. That's all that matters to him.

Dima hasn't given me enough to bargain with. Our own authorities won't accept them How many people do you have? Just the three of us. And how many would you need? If you leave his family behind, do you think he's gonna give you those account numbers? May I sit down? Have you ever read any Kolakowski? He's a Polish philosopher. Very stern views on good and evil, which I share. Evil is evil, not rooted in a social circumstance.

Not about being deprived. Not even controlled by God. It's an entirely separate human force. I have a son. He's in jail for selling drugs. I believe Aubrey Longrigg, who was my boss before he went into politics, tipped off the police to discredit me when I was making trouble for him at MI6. It's not the reason I'm doing this, but, um I want you to know that I have children, too. I'll do everything I can for the family.

Papa, museums are boring. Especially Einstein and maths. Do you know what Einstein himself said? You think you've got problems with arithmetic? I've got more fucking problems. Your mother and your sister want to go. End of story. Come on, let's go, assholes. You have to sign twice for each numbered account. Here and here. Ladies and gentlemen, you each need to countersign for your individual accounts. The funds will then be transferred. This is the Bern telephone conferencing center. Please enter your four-digit passcode.

Morning, boys and girls. No one to move until men. Pen doesn't work. One last signature here transferring all remaining funds to the Arena Bank.

Our Kind of Traitor review – Ewan McGregor gets smart in Le Carré potboiler

The only time my father ever hit me I remember that story. I also remember when you were a little child, Kolya, and your father and I took you hunting. You were 12, maybe 13 years old and you were so excited.

You couldn't wait to kill something. And then we saw this buck and you raised the rifle, but the buck just looked at you, kept on grazing. It wasn't afraid. You tried and tried to pull that trigger, but you couldn't. So you started crying like a little girl. Sol had to take the rifle and kill it for you. Papa's on the move.

They'll be with you shortly at the Bellevue. Luke, make sure he sees you in the lobby. Perry, wait for them in the car.

If Dima asks how his family are, tell him they're safe even if they're not. You're there to reassure him. Ollie, Gail, you're good to go. Most likely, all sociable animals have arrived at this primitive kind of communication, at least to a certain degree. Green to go. By the end of the week, we will have our license and begin trading in London.

Our Kind of Traitor: A Novel

To the future of the Arena Bank. Arena Bank. To all my friends who have made this possible I say thank you. We Russians have had a mixed reputation in Europe recently. But for all the disagreements and suspicions of recent times, I believe Russia's economic strength Come on, quick as you can.

Where's your mother? That's it, get up there. In you get.

There's no new Cold War. You have welcomed us with open arms And you will find us committed partners. Family secure. What the fuck do you want, you shit ants? I'm going for a pee. Fuck off! Dima's heading for the kitchen, but I can't follow him.

Too many bodyguards. It's impossible for me to lead him to Perry. We need to get him out before they realise his family is missing. Dima, stop. Fucking stop. We have to go. I've got Dima. Luke, get the car to the side entrance. Are my kids safe? They're fine. They're on their way. Any news? Well, if you can't give me the answer, get me the fucking minister. We're going to London! Well done.

I can't hear you, Billy. You'll have to speak up. I chartered the plane myself, Billy. You owe me 6, What is it? There's been a hold-up, but there's nothing to worry about.

Don't you fucking lie to me. Longrigg convinced the Home Office to deny you and your family entry. And what can you do about it? Go back to London and change their minds. I'll need those account numbers. It'll help me make a case. You get my family to London, I'll give you those numbers. You should come back on the plane with me.

We're staying with them. I can't guarantee your safety. They'll be coming after you. Then you'd better hurry. I knew I couldn't trust this guy. Change cars. Get them across the border. Head for Pralognan. There's a safe house near there. You went behind my back. Get off your fucking high horse, Hector. You're lucky I'm even considering this. If Longrigg has got a scent of something, we need to act quickly. It isn't just Longrigg. You know how delicate relations are with Russia.

If their Foreign Minister picks up the phone about this, we can't ignore him. What, so we're still taking orders from the Kremlin? Where are you hiding them? We have a meeting with the secretary tomorrow. You'd better convince him what Dima has to offer is worth the grief. You look ravishing.

Our Kind of Traitor

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. February Learn how and when to remove this template message As part of a plan to launder billions of dollars in London, "the Prince" — the head of the Russian Mafia — creates a new bank and has its financial oligarchs sign over their accounts to him.

The first oligarch to do so is murdered alongside his family by a blue-eyed assassin. Perry strikes up a friendship with Dima, a hearty and boisterous Russian with an eidetic memory. The two men bond over drinks and tennis before Dima invites both MacKendricks to his daughter's birthday where Dima gives Perry a USB stick that links corrupt British politicians and businessmen to the Russian mafia. He fears for his life after hearing of his fellow oligarch's fate, and pleads with Perry to turn the USB stick over to MI6 when he returns to London.

Perry turns the information over to MI6 agent Hector, the investigator in charge. The information provided by Dima enables Hector and his supervisor Billy to witness a meeting between the Prince and corrupt politician Aubrey Longrigg. Billy refuses to sanction an investigation on a chance meeting. Hector continues regardless and recruits the MacKendricks to help stage a chance encounter with Dima in France.I love him.

And what can you do about it? So I'll see you later, okay? Luke, get the car to the side entrance. I'll read to you. My friend comes soon. Maybe another time. Most likely, all sociable animals have arrived at this primitive kind of communication, at least to a certain degree.

We need to get him out before they realise his family is missing. I wish I'd known that at the time.

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