Learn how to use QuickBooks with video tutorials that teach you how to do various accounting tasks step by step in QuickBooks. Get free QuickBooks training with easy How-To-Use video tutorials and visual guides that walk you step by step on how to do various tasks in QuickBooks. Free QuickBooks lessons and tutorials from the Real World Training, the only QuickBooks trainers endorsed by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks.

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Mar 6, Welcome to the FitSmallBusiness free QuickBooks Online tutorials. Here are links to 39 tutorials spanning seven lessons to help you learn. Nov 22, Intuit's QuickBooks took the business world by storm, rocketing to Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, offers easy to follow video tutorials for small. Learn Quickbooks like an expert with Quickbooks tutorials from spicesinlaris.cf Quickbooks training covers utilizing the software for accounting and bookkeeping .

Quickbooks Quick Start Guide - A nice printable guide from Intuit on how to install and get started with Quickbooks Quickbooks Pro Installation and Set-up Guide. Quickbooks Items - You Tube Video. You will need a Quickbooks online account or you can sign up for a 30 day free trial to practice along with the videos.

Quickbooks Online Login. To login, Go to QBO. Quickbooks Online Getting Started Guide - Learn how to create and manage invoices, track expenses, manage customers, manage your bank accounts, see how you're doing with instant reports and access your account from a SmartPhone. How to Prepare a with Quickbooks Online.

Learn how to Print a Check using Quickbooks Online. Whether you're new to QuickBooks or have already used earlier versions of this accounting software program, these courses will empower you to take control of the financial accounting for your business. QuickBooks The Missing Manual: The Best Guide for Small Business.

They have put together a set of practice exercises and example exam questions for you to review. They've assembled materials from the QuickBooks software to highlight a few of the more challenging techniques covered on the exam.

You can work through these technical guides with the provided images included in each exercise. Additionally, they've included the certification objectives so that you are aware of the elements that are covered on the exam. They've also included practice exam items to give you a feel for some of the questions covered on the certification exam. The mission of officeskills. Free Quickbooks tutorials Quickbooks Quick Start Guide - A nice printable guide from Intuit on how to install and get started with Quickbooks Introduction to QuickBooks - In this course, you'll gain hands-on experience as you master the tools you need set up a chart of accounts; reconcile your checking account; create and print invoices, receipts, and statements; track your payables, inventory, and receivables; create estimates; and generate reports.

Intermediate QuickBooks - In this course, you'll go beyond the basics as you master QuickBooks' more advanced features and applications. QuickBooks Series - Whether you're a small business owner or an accountant in need of a QuickBooks refresher, this series of courses will teach you the skills you need to navigate the latest version of the software like a pro.

You should just by the BOX license one time and not get robbed! If I could leave a negative I would. I have had issues for years, but once you start, they got you.

I felt like I was explaining the program to them. They put you on hold forever. I absolutely despise this company!! Get another program, you will be so much better off!!! I run a small accountancy practice and some of my clients use QuickBooks online. I find their system robust, their training generally excellent and their support terrible. I am actively persuading my QB clients to use other options. Over the last 6 months I have had a number of problems on various issues but particularly associated with QB subscriptions where I think I have been significantly overcharged.

I have tried the support line plus the normal email support. My experience is that expertise is generally poor. Responses are often evasive, and either cannot or will not answer some queries. Unanswered case queries are regularly closed without agreement of the QB client.

Customer queries can drag on for weeks. Complaints are regularly not addressed and there is no formal customer complaints procedure available. Over the last two years I have written 5 emails to this manager on various issues. I have not had a single response! Simply unacceptable by any standard.

I would not recommend this company. Quickbooks is a ransomware software. DO NOT fall for their monthly subscription because when you grow your company and outgrow QB, which you will, QB still makes you pay a monthly subscription to access your company file. In mid January our QB online database suffered a major glitch. QBO techs said no worries they could roll us back, that is why you have a cloud based accounting system so it is easy to recover back to a known state. After 3 days of promises the techs told us they could not figure out what was wrong or roll us back to a stable state.

They also told us this has been a known problem since October and they think it may take them another 2 to 3 months to figure it out and fix our data.

I had to convert to another accounting system and transition all of my balances by hand. When I asked for a refund for the month I was told no. And this is the premier small business accounting software. This is a joke company. All we want to do is pay our subscription fee. They already had our credit card information for the annual account.

QuickBooks Tutorials

I went over that with the rep when we changed from Annual to Monthly billing, too. I am talking to reps in other countries who seem to have zero connection to Intuit or ability to communicate with company personnel.

An insane loss of company productivity. I have been a computer consultant for 30 years now. I have always been wary of using online services where your critical business interests are entirely in the hands of the online company, and now my worst fears have been realized.

I have been helping a customer of mine who owns a small business. For months now we have been trying to correct print alignment issues. We have been on the phone many hours with QB support. Every time we get the alignment right and checks are being printed perfectly for no reason the alignment will change and we have to go through the same alignment process again.

This happens over and over and over. She is to the point now that she is going back to hand writing checks. QBO is supposed to save time and be convenient.

So, i paid for a contract which included 10 employees in the payroll. Wow how kind of them…. On 4 March , your payroll inclusions will change from 10 employees to 1 employee in your QuickBooks subscription. While Quicken often makes me see red, the reality it is a necessary evil, especially if you have already started with some version of the software.

I have used some form of Quickbooks since I now use Quickbooks Online. The other reality is that it is not expensive. To get the same features from another cloud based package at least in my case you have to get the add on and upgrade packages so it is about a wash. The time to change packages never seems to make sense financially. One more reality. Quickbooks does not care what you think.

They change what they want without notice, often adding overhead to your process because of the change they make. They do not listen to a single thing you say. No matter what feedback you give them, you never hear back, they do not update their system in ways that would improve it or fix it. So, there are usually a way to work around, but really why does there need to be work arounds. As for this review, an obvious conflict of interest somewhere — or we are just in an environment where everybody gets 5 stars participation ribbons.

Best case, just because of the customer service, they cannot get more than 4 starts. They are so close to a 5 start rating, if they would just be a little better in a few things. As it is, they are a necessary evil. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. However, we believe that the pros outweigh the cons for most businesses and that the software still has a lot to offer in terms of accounting, features, and integrations, despite its poor customer support.

You can read more about how our company makes money here. That being said, we still appreciate your input and do take customer experience into account when updating our reviews. Been with QB since , stuck with them as a desktop software which finally worked well after But this time I manually checked it AND screenshotted it.

This is NOT good enough. Forget features. Get the MATH right. This is a-count-ting. I have programmed an accounting system and have about 18 years in data platforms. Quickbooks is horrid! If you decide to use QB, just know that you will be stuck on their monthly fee program or forced to upgrade almost annually.

They turn off features of your software to force you to upgrade. I download my bank transactions, then import them into QB. Not anymore, they turned that feature off on my software my bad for upgrading. So now if I want to use one of many crititcal features that I paid for upfront for a lifetime I need to by another copy of QB.

It would be like a car dealer selling you a car on a 3 yr lease, but after 2 years, it will no longer turn, it still works, but is useless. Count me in on any class action lawsuits. This is a glowing review that I can only assume Chelsey was well compensated for or she has never actually used the app. Avoid it at all costs or it will cost you dearly. I am not exaggerating. We are 4 months in and have yet to be able to produce a single invoice. They say they will get a second tier support person, they do…so, you talk to the 1st tier, the first tier is chatting you can hear the typing with the 2nd tier, the second tier is in control of the mouse, the first tier describes what is being chatted to them, you speak to the first tier, they chat what you say to the 2nd tier…like a cruel game of broken telephone-charades with one person controlling a pointer, one person you controlling the mouse that is actually able to do things and one person ON THE PHONE talking to to you and chatting remotely to the person with knowledge.

You call back. You explain that you just need a 2nd tier support person. Not kidding. Next day, call in again. I feel terrible to say this but at this point I was nearly yelling at them. I need cashflow. I just spent the last month transferring all my bookkeeping info to this account. And they do. This happened.

I have used this software extensively and have also been put on hold for long wait times. QBO receives a good review because, despite its faults, it has a lot to offer in terms of accounting, features, and integrations. We regularly revisit and retest this software to ensure that this review is accurate.

All QuickBooks Tutorials

Or if you would rather switch to a different software program, we can help recommend one with better customer support. Hi Chelsey, thanks for your response. I can say that my bookkeeper appreciates some of the accounting functions; one of the reasons we started using it. Am I missing something? Can you honestly say that this app has no flaws? I mean, for real? Comparatively, one is better but neither are perfect. And paying for the 5 STAR app that is supposed to be doing all this for me.

Not to have spreadsheets to track everything and invoice from…. Can you show me how to get an invoice that tallies up all the expenses in a single clean line by expense type? Or how about getting it to tally up all the billable hours by service or rate? These are simple functions, in my mind. Or getting the invoice to show what an expense is for.

I did find a way to entre expenses in a way that I can see what they are for when I look at Unbilled Time and Expenses for when I copy the info over to my spreadsheet. But what about the people who actually use it on a regular basis.

We stand behind our belief that QuickBooks Online offers strong value to users. Quickbooks on line should get a negative raising. It only gets a 5 star rating if you read about it. Once you use it you change your tune. QuickBooks Online organizes your financial information all in one place. I use QuickBooks basically everyday and have been since Not sure how you rated this program a five.

Transferring from the desktop version to the online version is a nightmare. The help? There is no clear direction or user instruction available. Their own system has been broken for two months with no real timeline of when it will be working. Their solution was to type all my receipts on my phone with my thumbs. Customer service was rude and unhelpful. They had less knowledge on the program than I did. Never want to talk to them again. Pure hype and marketing shtick.

Both the article and QuickBooks itself. I used to love QuickBooks and found it easy to get around in. QuickBooks Online? No, uh-uh. Get paid Quicker? Absolute BS. There is no way you can do the math with the business days versus calendar days and justify it.

The automatic categorization and application of bank transactions causes nothing but problems. I just spent an hour trying to make a simple payment via credit card from a customer attach to the correct accounts. Now, when I look at reports, the fees deducted for their payment are in QuickBooks twice but I can only find them once in the system.

Handling simple things like owner draw is like pulling teeth. No, 2 stars for this pile of rubbish is too much. After I pull my transactions out via export later, I will terminate my account. This was a bad mistake. I love the desktop version, but the online version is crap. It has the worst and most frustrating payroll system ever. Go to the desktop version — it at least is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Why they would make the online program the way they did is beyond me. I completely agree. Still using Excel. Do you have something that you would recommend? It works, it reports correct figures, they have customer service. I thought it was me. The accountant with 25 years of expereince. As if they consulted Art majors for input. Stupid, stupid.

As an intuit customer for over 30years switching ot QB Online was the worst business decision I have made. The program although marketed as an accounting program is staffed by IT and engineers who have no accounting background. Although they address the multiple technical errors within the system they also create accounting nightmares.

An accountant is then needed to correct the accounting errors adding professional costs to the monthly fees which continue to arise. If you downgrade you automatically lose access to any services even if payment has been made to the end of the billing cycle at the higher access.

Currently trying to get out of the system as there is no support staff sensitive to the importance of maintaining the integrity of the accounting data being transferred to another — even though it may be to an Intuit desktop program. It is surprisingly that there have not been major lawsuits against the company for this program. In high need of customer support to transfer to a desktop and have been unsuccessful in achieving this support. Highly recommend staying away from this program if you are in business and care about your accounting.

The ach direct pay on an invoice takes a ridiculous amount of time befor you see it in your bank account. There is no reason for it to take that long. I will never use it again! There is nothing they can tell me to excuse it.

I love the rest of what QB has to offer. However, small business relies on prompt payment. Which is really why qb should offer the option, otherwise what incentive is there to have clients pay the invoice through ach transfer.

Payment is quicker through snail mail. I think I am going to like Quickbooks Online once I get everything working. It is the setup that is downright very bad and wastes a lot of time. The application process went well and got approved in minutes. The issue is that the link to complete the link and setup of QuickBooks Online Plus with the payroll ad on take a back end engineer to tweek things so the Payroll and Merchant Services will work together on my account.

Overall, QB is good. However, one thing that is really annoying when paying payroll taxes is the one day delay when compared to filing with the IRS directly. Since this is all being done electronically, it should be taking no longer to do it through QB. I suspect they are putting the money in a sweep account and making money on your money. Not right. I have been using quickbooks online for several months now.

I dont usually take the time to review something unless I am very disappointed with it… and I am very disappointed with the online model. One of the main reasons is all of my information such as customer contact information did not transfer over properly from the standard quickbooks verson I had on my PC… It takes me hours and hours to update all of my mistransferred information… and even then it is not an easy process.

I am very disappointed with quickbooks online and if i was not already locked into it with a huge time investment I would cut and run. QuickBooks is a vast accounting software and it is gaining popularity from last two years among the small and medium size business owners. QB capital is a racket. Unbelievable customer service, just to get the basic information about already registered QuickBooks Pro and upgrade to newer version took 45 minutes!!!

I switched from QB desktop to QB online so that my partners could review the books. There seems to be a lot of bugs in the online version. Since they had to change my Desktop version to , they said if I cancelled Online, I would have to download the Desktop.

Is this extortion? Well, I have the online version long enough to look for other options. Maybe SAGE? Anyone else have a product they know of? I spent 3. You would not believe the run around and then I was told that their computer froze! When I finally did get to speak to a customer service rep who was helpful, it took her 2 hours to track it down but still did not have an answer.

It is the biggest scam for the worst program. I have been with the for 18 years and switching to the online version was the biggest mistake I ever made. QuickBooks was not only super difficult to use I finally cancelled a year ago and found myself being billed for it a year later. When I called to complain they claimed they say they were not the ones billing it must be my third party agency. I did not have a third party but bought it direct from the website.

Merchant maverick is obviously not changing their star counter on reviews for quickbooks online. That speaks volumes about the real sponsor of this site. Quickbooks online salespeople regularly lie about the benefits of the online version, and tell you that all of the data will seamlessly transfer over to the online version. All payroll data is gone, and must be manually re-entered into the system. That is a big deal.

They obviously do not reflect the real reviews you read below. Thanks for your feedback! A few months back we actually dropped their rating until they fixed some issues, so rest assured, we hear you. Also, to address your concern about the validity of our reviews, please read our post on negativity bias and how this site makes money to better understand how Merchant Maverick delivers real, unbiased reviews to our readers.

Thanks again for writing, and best of luck to you! So confusing and hard to navigate. Very slow and the computer app is worse! We have not been able to access our Quickbooks for 7 days due to a bug. Now that we are bumped up to a Level 2 review, support staff dont call when they say they are going to and our typical wait times on hold are hours. I have read reviews to say that Quickbooks products and support is improving but that is certainly not our experience.

Do not get QBO!! I closed out my desktop version the end of and moved over to QBO in January I had nothing but issues. I did not take the switch lightly as I asked countless questions. Even after switching to Online, I called in to walk through step-by-step processes in getting my file uploaded. I noticed issues immediately after and brought them up. They could not fix it for me as it was a programming error that they were having issues with.

I had to manually go through and delete employees and then re-add them in one-by-one to get payroll to work. I noticed more issues a week later. I spent three months working with them, constantly on the phone with them and emailing them. I kept getting told I would be contacted within 24 hours and then no one would contact me so I would have to call again. I finally threw in the towel and asked for my money back. Mind you, I could not use QuickBooks during this time. Had to call back the following week.

Called back the following week, the transaction was cancelled but QB went ahead and charged the fee to the account and we needed to dispute it. Done with them. Problems unresolved with no solution in sight. Master Administrator can not be changed without password.

Our master admin was terminated-left on not good terms. I called QB help and they said to bad it would take days. NOTdownload order form has no quantity boxHome page can not be customizedDefault chart of accounts can not be removed, renamed or made inactive. Tech support has none or minimal knowledge of program — just gives you the answers leave a comment in the feedback box.

There are plenty of other software programs for businesses to download. Save yourself the headache. Glitchy and horrendous support. This will not save you time or money in the long run.

BTW, who runs this website? Is it owned by QB? We appreciate your input. I understand your frustrations with QuickBooks Online.

In our review, we explain that we also find the software buggy and that the software has several significant shortcomings including navigational difficulties, glitches, limited users, and steep pricing.

QuickBooks Online post. To answer your question, we are not owned by QuickBooks. We pride ourselves on writing honest, unbiased software reviews and we update our reviews regularly to ensure that they are as fair and accurate as possible.

You can read more about how we make money here. I have text and email several times. All get in return is email stating they know of my issues and working on it. Its been a week! I am on hold now what was suppose to be 9 min ant its been over This is unacceptable.

Nothing but glitches and excuses… our engineers are aware of the problem… total waste of my time, cant do payroll cant align checks cant enter all areas on invoices…. I have been with Quickbooks over 20 yrs and have been a happy customer.

QuickBooks Tutorial

Until the past 4 days! By comparison to other products on the market today. But I was satisfied with the service, so I paid more. Suddenly I went to back-up my files, same as I have done for the past 15 years, and there is an error message.

Support is overseas with no option to reach service stateside. I spent the next three days on the phone with different techs, some hard to understand all taking control of my computer but never being able to fix the problem.

All the while , I was being told how old my service was. Remember, I get an invoice, to renew, every year, with no mention to upgrade.

Intuit is much more interested in collecting your money for upgrades and services and does not care about customer satisfaction. This is typical of large corporations only focusing on the bottom line profits. Very disappointing Intuit! Paid for Enterprise support last March This was for customers on a version of Quickbooks that was older than 3 years. The Enterprise support brought us to a current version. Fast forward to April He said it was MY responsibility to stop these charges.

I received Zero customer support on this issue, just said that is what we have to live with. QuickBooks Online is a mess. Their customer service folks are segregated in their understanding of the product so I was bounced around a lot.

They tell you to go to a Intuit, the credit card processor, and manually match your payments in Quickbooks. Quickbooks is a horrible corporation with horrible support and horrible software. They claim the old software is out of support and yet they continue to send updates that take away features from the product, but refust to provide support when their updates cause problems. The only answer they have is that you need to upgrade. It should be illegal what they are doing but because they are such a massive company nobody is able to prosecute them.

Intuit needs to be shutdown as a company and all the money they have should be distributed to the poor folks who have downloadd their software! The report functions fail constantly. In order to process and verify forms I had to run three separate reports, drop them into excel, and combine them to match the Report produced by the software.

At I have spent over 4 hours on multiple calls with tech support to get this resolved. It is the last day of the month and I cannot close my books. My payroll is also due today so my staff is not getting paid. This has been the worst customer experience I have ever had. Every time I call there is at least an hour wait. QB online is terrible.

They lost all the current payment methhods for reocurring and apparently reset the mess up to a date over month old. Charging clients with old card numbers, charging clients that have been canceled, changing card data so several transactions a day are declined becausing they are being processed with the wrong card number.

The fix offered is add every client in as a new one and merge the old with it. This means reaching out to every client to recapture the current payment method. This is costing many dollars, several man hours labor and embarassment to our company. Terrible problem resolution and QB does not inform you of what they are doing to correct the errors they cause. I have had many reasons to call and it has averaged two calls a day over the past two months.

I have only had to wait once and that was for just a few minutes. Support for Accountants is free and the staff encourage questions. They want to make sure I am satisfied. They do no hurry me along to get me off the line. Suppor is 6 out of 5. The refresh rate is acceptable but not instantaneous as it is with QBD, but I can live with it. My biggest beef. You would think that a search for For example, there are many more apps which work with the US version that there are apps with the Canadian version.

Overall, lots of glitches and questions. That you Intuit for the excellent tech support. Thanks for all your support! Quick tip on the search. I see you have time to answer a positive review. It is more important to address the significant problems your company has with support.

Outrageous wait times on the phone, which, by the way, is the only path to support. A company that makes as much money as yours should have immediate support for the licensees of this software. Wake up and offer the support deserved when paying an outrageous amount of money for software that breaks at the drop of a hat.

I have been using the QB online for over a year now for a few of my clients. I am disappointed. The latest fiasco is the banking info will not update for one of my clients since about the middle of December. Now we are at year end and two calls in to QB support 5 hours and it is still not fixed. I think I will need to take all of the other clients off the online version and back to the desktop version. Quickbooks on line does not compare to the old version.

It is buggy and jumpy, things disappear constantly. The report option is nothing compared to the offline version. I wish we never switched. They are constantly tweaking things and it is not usually for the better. I always praised Quickbooks to other people, now I tell them to stay away from the online version.

Free QuickBooks Online Course

As we change to keep up with a constantly moving technical world we sometimes have a couple hiccups along the way. Reporting any and all issue you come across helps us fix them for good!

For help you can either call us or visit our community site at https: Keeping the issues secret and not informing the client you have messed with the credit card numbers by reverting back to data that is old is not good business.

Trying to put the blame on the user after they spend 3 hours on the phone is not good business either. Second time around spent almost 3 hours for the rep to try to tell me about programming and they are working on it is not good bussines. Paying a company such as QB to then cost me revenue, man hours and the embarassment of having to contact each client for payment methods due to a QB programming issues is also not good business.

I have to pay them to fix a glitch in their program. What a scam. Produce faulty software and then tell you paying customers they have to pay to fix it. Absolutely frustrated. Would not process a credit card transaction for a growing business. No way to speak with a supervisor and no details as to why they denied services. No one seem to care that a customer had a problem. No response until contacted. I would not recommend using their service.

They will quote the fine print when they get backed in a corner. Very frustrating and expensive.

My main reason for the lack of stars is the response I received from their support team. I have been having major issues with employees such as adding or modifying. After choosing to Add Employee and entering the employee name, this error message appears: Please enter a different name. While we are constantly evolving our products to provide you the best possible user experience, we do not anticipate a change to this product behavior in the immediate future.

This will be our final communication unless new information that causes us to re-open the investigation. Next Update: I am more frustrated with customer support than the actually product.

The fix requires a fee as usual!! I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and I believe that should entitle me to a little loyalty.

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Maybe I should try sage? Quickbooks customer support is the worst! I would never use them again. I just spent eight days and over six hours on the phone with them. The first time they said they would send some tax reports to me the same day — never happened!

The next time they said they were sorry they were not sent, but I should have the reports in 48 hours — never happened! The last time they told me they could not provide the information at all. I was ready to kill someone not really. The different departments do no communicate very well, if at all. They talk to each other , but they do not communicate. We had been pretty happy with it, for the most part. One downside for us is we are a Mac shop, so I have to run QuickBooks inside a Parallels virtual machine on my Mac since the Mac version of QuickBooks lacks some critical functionality.

We also liked the idea of sharing a single accounting instance with our accountants and not having to spend money to bring our books in to alignment every year at tax time. As many non-profits do, we budget based on various program categories and sub-program categories, which was easily accomplished using the Classes feature with the QuickBooks desktop version. I know a couple other businesses that use them for regions, districts, locations, etc…. We had to subscribe to the QBO Plus service to get access to Classes functionality and have the ability to produce s, etc….

After discussion with my board of directors, they approved moving forward. We have TWO small non-profits, which I told the sales person, but thought it would be best to transition one first, then the other. They never mentioned if I signed up for both, I would received a significant discount for 2 years. When I found this out, during transitioning the first account over, it was not possible to simply add the second, and we spent a week struggling their process does NOT make going back to desktop easy to get the first account back to desktop, cancelling accounts, and re-setting it up properly to take advantage of the discounted pricing.

With the help of another rep an excellent one , and a manager or two, it was all taken care of finally, and we were up and running. And so the nightmare begins…. The sales rep failed to mention that our budget would not transition from desktop to online. This was a minor 1-time inconvenience, though a bit time-consuming to re-enter. The sales rep failed to mention that we would lose all of our custom saved reports.

This was a bigger deal for several reasons. First, the time involved in re-creating them all. She refused to admit that there is a problem with a software package that can PRODUCE lots of reports that are more than 1 page wide, but is incapable of printing said report.

So, what went from being a 1-click process, is now a 15 minute process, for 40 reports printed each month for management, and quarterly for board meetings. Why is this a problem, you ask? Well, we go back to reporting. In QB desktop, if I wanted a report showing activity for a specific sub-class, I could request that. If I wanted a report on a parent-level class, that would include all sub-class activity broken out under that parent-level class, I simply ran the report on the parent-level class.

One-click, done. Not so with QB online. I can run a report on a sub-class just fine. But if I want a report at the parent-level class, I have to manually select the parent-class, and individually select every single sub-class as well.

Why would you take a hierarchical class list process and flatten it without telling people? How does that make sense? Not at all. That is just begging to get hacked by criminals and spied upon by government. Quick Books online was doing great for us until about one month ago. Our bank upgraded their secuirty settings needed to signin and now quick books is no longer compatible. Does anyone know if this is a common problem. Yes, I have talked many times to Quick Books they are bad at responding back with elevated ticket issues and the bank and have exhausted ideas.

I am afraid we have no choice to change accounting software after only using Quick Books online for six months. My own client said I should immediately fire Quickbooks. Again they forced us to provide all types of paperwork, they also contacted this client and and really really made me and my company look horrible. They even asked the client: They asked: It took 4.

Horrible, horrible, horrible. I yelled and yelled at the staff saying: They could not care at all.

No empathy at all. No apologies now respect for their clients and no concept of the idea that they are supposed to be helping me grow my business not tearing my company apart, making us look bad to our own clients, and withholding our funds so we could run our company better. No good. While it has some good functionality it is the opposite of user friendly. The worst part is the fees. The day my accountant gives the okay to move to something different will be a happy one indeed.

I have been a Quicken, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online user for almost 25 years. QuickBooks Online is nice service of Intuit , a long time leader in accounting software for small- businesses and tax software. They will claim your files are damaged , now download our service to maintain. After I bought the latest version then they want to play this game just to do attachments will not load them up.

I am going to cut my losses, I hate QuickBooks!!!!!!! Going back to quicken as soon as possible.. Research and you will find many issues have not been resolved for years. The version is far from being stable and lacks so many useful features that desktop version has. As an ongoing user of desktop, I am unhappy with the offering. It appears from the features presentation that there is a monthly charge for using the bankfeeds feature and for managing more than 3 checkbooks.

These are deal killers for me and I will not be downloading the new product. I finally upgraded to the version after months of threats from QB that on May 31 my version would explode. QB is the worst version I have ever owned. This version has a reoccurring and apparently not fixable error called, unrecoverable error, causing QB to close down.

I have call QB suppoert 4 times and waited on hold for over 4 hours. The support team does not know what they are doing and they have to google other web sites for possible solutions. It is amazing that you can always get them to answer the phone fast when they are trying to sell their products but good luck if you need to contact support. I have been on hold for todays call for 51 minutes and the agent is of no help.

I have been using Quickbooks for over 10 years. I pay for a yearly subscription to update my software to the newest version, payroll software and pro-adviser support which Quickbooks themselves sold to me.

Now when I have a problem, they tell me my files are corrupted. Also, they say I corrupted the files and it was not their system even though the files are on a secure server only running Quickbooks.

Instead of fixing the problem their technical team wants to point fingers and is trying to charge me for more support. They do not care about the customer. Also, I failed to mention their system did not update for the last few years since to the newer versions as it was suppose to and they tell me that is my fault as well but they gladly charged me every year for the new versions.

This year I am transitioning every single company out of Quickbooks to a company that actually stands behind their product rather than points fingers and is always trying to get more money even after I downloadd additional support which they advised me to download. Absolute worst accounting software out there on the market. Only after they nickled and dimed me to death did I realize this software is really more for a techie who has an engineering degree.

If you ever have to call their support team, be prepared for a good hours on the phone and MAYBE they will be able to resolve your issue. In my case they never could. I use the cloud QB and have had nothing but problems since day one of using it. I am just a regular guy trying to make a living and own my own business. I am real and doubt seriously that most of these 5 star reviews are from real people other than Quickbook employees.

There is no way!! Save your money and go with WAVE. Generally a good experience, however, i find it disappointing that the online feature request voting blog http: Thousands of users vote for new features the top feature request with votes has been listed since July The other big worry is the future availability of data for audit purposes etc. Many small and medium companies dont survive after the first year, QBO state they will keep your data for 1 year read only after ending your subscription, then it is deleted.

This does not meet legal requirements for data retention in my country. Various reports can be downloaded with data but this is piece by piece and not linked. Xero offers to restore your file if required for future requirements, probably for a fee but that is acceptable if you face a Tax audit or payroll audit.

For me, this is a big negative. I signed up for one and after spending many hours inputting data and categorizing, I was told that if I did not download the most expensive option, they would delete all that data and force me to do all the work over again. I did not want or need the most expensive options as it is just for my personal accounting — I am not a big business with employees.

Quickbooks office is not friendly to their user. I have problem with opening my account after updating quickbook to the latest version.

When i called to their office and seek for solution, their people ask for support fees only willing to help us figure out what is the problem that cause my quickbook fail to open. Not sure if this happen to me only or other user too. The software asked us to update, so we update. But after update it couldnt function as usual and we have to pay. What is the point of asking us to update? Is this a tactic to earn more support fees?

I thought I was the only one who was frustrated with Quickbooks until I found this site. I have been using Quickbooks for Mac for several years and every time I have needed assistance I get the run-around and I am transferred to people who barely speak English. Most recently I needed to do something for my year-end accounting and I was transferred to four different people — none of whom understood what I was trying to accomplish — it was a joke.

I actually ended up figuring it out myself. Now, I get an email telling me they no longer will support Quickbooks after May and I need to download an updated version. Doing research now to figure out what program is best because I am fed up with Quickbooks. The agent is dead in the water, uninterested, I ended up talking to myself and asking if he was there. There is a pretty massive bug tagging all PayPal transactions under the same name and there is no way to add the merchant fee to the invoice.

The support agent could care less and has no solution for it. Jennifer I completely agree with you. We have spent hours on the phone and they have send they are still working on a fix. We we in the process of upgrading to Enterprise when all this happened but since we could not get a good verified copy of our data we could not import it into Enterprise.

We will not recommend QB at this point in time to anyone. We will be looking for alternatives for when our year end is done in April god knows what our accountant will charge us to confirm all entries etc for CRA! Not what I expected from QB as a user for the last 8 years and invested time and effort to upgrade to Enterprise as our business grew.

Oh and they mentioned that we have a large file, what would you expect after 8 years of information! A small file? Still no word on a fix as of yesterday when after we called them again and they said they are still working on it. To add insult to injury they sent me a survey on how well they did with our call!

Think you can get what I told them. Fix the issue QB, this is what we have paid for, software that works, please! I wish I could leave less than one star! I had used quickbooks desktop for years, never a issue. Decided to move to online, the biggest mistake I could have ever made. Basically we know more about it than they do. Explanation for that would take a whole page more. Enter a bill, leave enter bills, go back check the bill is still entered, later go back and check, bill somehow disappears WHY!!!I enjoyed seeing all the complaints as I agree with most and its nice to see that I am not the only one that thinks that intuit could have done MUCH better with this online version.

I certainly wish we had. My experience is that expertise is generally poor. These need to use the UK fiscal year of 5th April. The opinions expressed here by Inc. You can always start your own! See our article on the Best Accounting Software.

QuickBooks users may be especially interested in the QB Power Hour, a webinar series focused on giving viewers the skills they need to become QuickBooks power users. It is outstanding and far more comprehensive.

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