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Pages · · MB · Downloads ·English Places Of Power ( About Energy Medicine Healing Reiki Meditation Chakras Mind Body Aura. Professor Jim Oschman is the author of a ground-breaking series of articles on “ healing energy” published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Energy Medicine. The Scientific Basis. Book • 2nd Edition • Authors: James L. Oschman. Browse book content. About the book. Search in this book.

Other frequencies and other forms of energy are undoubtedly present. These frequencies can be explained, in part, by the presence of the coherent Frhlich oscillations mentioned in Part 1B of this series.

For every frequency produced by the body, there are usually harmonics and subharmonics i.

The possible involvement of infrared radiations was mentioned in Part 2B. There is evidence that infrared radiations from the hands of QiGong practitioners can increase cell growth, DNA, protein synthesis, and cell respiration. As an example, the heart produces a variety of types and frequencies of energy that propagate through the circulatory system to every cell in the body. The fastest signal is an electromagnetic pulse recorded with the electrocardiogram and the magnetocardiogram followed by the heart sounds, a wave of pressure, and then a temperature change infrared radiation.

Mechanisms Medical researchers have stated that energy field therapies are effective because they project "information" into tissues. This triggers a cascade of activities from the cell membrane to the nucleus and on to the gene level where specific changes take place see Bassett The interpretation of these findings is that particular repair processes are triggered by the information contained in signals of specific frequencies.

While this is an interesting hypothesis, it leaves unanswered the question of why repair is not activated naturally? Why should it be necessary to trigger healing with an external signal?

The following describes some additional considerations. The living matrix is one medium through which the "cascade of activities" takes place. Complete health corresponds to total interconnection through this matrix and its associated layers of water.

The application of healing energy whether from a medical device or from the hands of an energy therapist would then open the network to the flow of energy and information.

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In other words, activation of 4 specific processes goes hand -in-hand with opening of the channels for the flow of energy and information. A leading medical researcher has confirmed what alternative practitioners observe frequently.

Application of therapeutic energy fields "can convert a stalled healing process into active repair -even in patients unhealed for as long as 40 years" Bassett The mechanism by which "active repair" is initiated probably involves both activation of specific cellular activities and the opening of the channels or circuitry for the natural biological communications required for initiating and coordinating injury repair.

The free flow of messages through tissues is essential for prevention and for simply "feeling well". An example of experimental evidence for preventive effects was given in Part 2B. Animals treated with magnetic fields prior to nerve injury experienced the same acceleration of nerve growth as animals treated after injury.

While the focus in this discussion is on the healing of wounds, energetic bodywork can be of profound significance to the organism even if no specific problem is present.

A healthy individual will be both happier and less likely to have an injury or disease. If problems do arise, they will recover more rapidly. Likewise, athletic, artistic, and intellectual performance is enhanced when all of the bodys communication channels are open and balanced.

This point is well understood in many complementary practices in which regular maintenance treatments or "tune-ups" are given. These treatments are not for specific ailments but serve to reduce the future incidence of medical problems, to enhance performance of all kinds of activities, and to generally facilitate an individuals progress in their personal evolution or achievement of their individual "destiny".

One mechanism of prevention comes from study of some of the effects of acupuncture: mild stimulation of tissues as by insertion of an acupuncture needle, acupressure, Shiatsu, structural integration, massage, etc.

By simulating an injury, the mild stimulus activates the cascade of repair processes through the living matrix. This will be examined in more detail in Part B. If the ideas presented so far are valid, there are a number of obvious implications.

First, on a practical level, manufacturers of medical devices might find it worthwhile to test the effects of stimulators that scan through a range of frequencies rather than produce a single frequency. It would obviously be worthwhile to simply record the natural emissions from the hands of a therapist and project the recorded signals into injured tissues. Some research along this line has been done. A device has been developed that projects signals comparable to those produced by a QiGong practitioner Niu et al , Walker Interestingly, this device produces an ELF acoustic signal.

Literature on this device and on other effects of QiGong can be accessed through a database QiGong Institute Evolutionary biology leads to an additional interpretation. The evidence presented so far suggests that an ability of organisms to project and respond to "healing energy" as defined above has evolved as a natural design feature of living systems. Our ancestors lived in a world fraught with hazards but had no hospitals or clinics to help them mend wounds of the flesh.

A natural ability of individuals to facilitate injury repair in each other had obvious survival value in the earliest communities.

Evolution by natural selection took care of the rest. Research has led to detailed and rather remarkable answers to these questions. The focus is on biological rhythms and the ways they are regulated. Injury repair involves a wide spectrum of biological rhythms associated with the replacement of various tissue elements.

How can these processes be coordinated? The problem can be stated this way: Wound healing is a remarkable and intricate process, involving the integrated and cooperative activities of a variety of systems. Each wound is different. The bodys response must be precisely appropriate if structure and function are to be fully restored.

Dynamic interactions take place between local and systemic processes. A wide range of physiological activities are activated, and all must be down-regulated when repair is complete. Some repair processes persist for weeks or even longer after an injury.

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Until recently, the medical approach has been almost exclusively molecular. Researchers have looked for -- and found -- a variety of chemicals that influence the repair of tissues.

The clotting of blood involves a cascade of reactions involving many different substances. Fibroblast growth factors stimulate division of the cells that lay down collagen a major structural protein used in healing wounds.

Hence, healing can be promoted by adding natural growth factors or genes for those growth factors directly to a site of injury e. It is easy to see how molecules can regulate the rates of cellular processes by activating or inactivating particular metabolic pathways. However, there is something missing from the picture.

How can the ebbs and flows of regulatory substances provide a "blueprint" for the elaborate architecture of cells and tissues and organs? Molecular biology can account for the manufacture of the parts in appropriate quantities. But the forces exerted by living fields bring those parts together in meaningful ways to produce living structure and function.

The last entry in the Table supports Burrs hypothesis. Growth factors molecules stimulate the growth of nerves, but magnetic pulsations at 25 and 50 Hz synergize or enhance the effect. This point of view was expressed over a century ago by one of the fathers of modern physiology -- Claude Bernard : "The genes create structures, but the genes do not control them.

James L. Oschman- What is "Healing Energy"? Part 3: silent pulses

The vital force does not create structures, the vital force directsthem. Genes are undoubtedly involved at every step of development and influence all physiological processes. But this does not mean that genes are entirely responsible for establishing order and function at every level. Modern evidence comes from a wide range of studies on the effects of energy fields on development and regeneration e.

Hypothesis: a variety of electrical, electronic, magnetic, and other energetic phenomena take place within healthy tissue as a consequence of the communications needed to coordinate cellular activities. The resulting energy fields are radiated from the hands of the healthy individual.

Whether caused by physical or emotional trauma, "the wound that does not heal" is a wound that is not receiving the natural regulatory signals needed to initiate and coordinate repair processes. When healthy tissue is brought close to such a wound, essential information is transferred via the energy field, communication channels open, and the healing process is "jumpstarted". Sources of ELF signals The functioning of the heart, brain, and some other organs result in oscillations in the ELF range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The principal brain wave frequencies are shown in Figure 2. Over the last half-century, Robert O. Becker and others have done important research on the role of brainwaves in healing.

These studies have many implications for bodywork and movement therapies. Modern neurophysiology focuses primarily on the activity of less than half of the cells in the brain Becker a, The "neuron doctrine" holds that all functions of the nervous system are the result of activities of the neurons. Integration of brain function is therefore regarded as arising from the massive interconnectivity of the neurons.

This view is incomplete because it ignores an evolutionarily more ancient informational system residing in the perineural connective tissue cells that constitute more than half of the cells in the brain.

Perineural cells encase every nerve fiber, down to their finest terminations throughout the body. The perineural system is a direct current communication system reaching to every innervated tissue.

The perineural system establishes a "current of injury" that controls injury repair. Historically, the injury potential was discovered before resting and action potentials of nerves Davson, The current of injury is generated at the site of a wound, and continues until repair is complete. One function of the current is to alert the rest of the body to the location and extent of an injury.

The current also attracts the mobile skin cells, white blood cells, and fibroblasts that close and heal the wound. Finally, the injury current changes as the tissue heals and therefore feeds back information on the progress of repair to surrounding tissues.

Beckers research demonstrated that the current of injury is not an ionic current but a semiconductor current that is sensitive to magnetic fields the Hall effect.

Semiconduction takes place in the perineural connective tissue and surrounding parts of the living matrix. Dominant brainwave frequencies recorded with the electroencephalograph with electrodes on the scalp.

The frequency of brainwaves is constantly changing. Delta activity occurs during deep sleep and in certain brain disorders. Theta activity occurs during various stages of sleep in normal adults and during emotional stresses including disappointment and frustration. Alpha brainwaves have been associated with a normal and alert state of mind. Beta waves are normally seen over the frontal portions of the brain during intense mental activity.

Beta waves of higher frequencies up to 50 Hz are associated with intense activation of the nervous system or tension. Other tissues in the body are ensheathed in continuous layers of connective tissue. The vascular system is surrounded with perivascular connective tissue; the lymphatic system with perilymphatic connective tissue; the muscular system with myofascia; the bones with the periosteum. Conceptually, the living matrix encompasses all of these connective tissue systems including the cellular and nuclear scaffolds within them.

It has been suggested that the current of injury is not confined to the skin but is a general property of layers of cells called epithelia Oschman If this is so, a current of injury will arise in any tissue - epidermal, vascular, muscular, nervous or bone -- that is injured. Which systems are activated will depend on the depth and severity of the injury. This perspective is leading to a detailed explanation of how the body coordinates its responses to injuries of all kinds.

Oscillations of the brains direct current field -- the brainwaves -- are not confined to the brain. Instead, they propagate through the circulatory system which is a good conductor and along the peripheral nerves, following the perineural system which reaches into every part of the body that is innervated. Similarly, oscillations of the hearts electrical activity are not confined to the heart muscle, but are propagated through the vascular system, perivascular connective tissue, and living matrix to all parts of the body.

Beckers research shows that brainwaves regulate the overall operation of the nervous system, including the state of consciousness. There is a neurophysiological basis for this concept. The brainwaves cause the local fields around individual neurons to vary rhythmically. The local field, in turn, determines the sensitivity of the neurons to stimulation. When the local field is such that the neuron is ready to send a signal called the threshold for depolarization , a small stimulus will cause the nerve to fire.

When the local field is far from the firing level far from threshold , a much larger stimulus will be needed for the nerve to be excited. Hence there is a rhythm in the excitability of nerve cells throughout the body. Sophisticated research using microelectrodes has confirmed that the probability of a nerve firing in the brain changes rhythmically in relation to the electroencephalogram Verzeano , Fox The significance of these phenomena to consciousness will be discussed shortly.

Entrainment When considering the timing of any biological rhythm, the concept of "entrainment" is important. Physicists use this term to describe a situation in which 2 rhythms that have nearly the same frequency become coupled to each other so that both have the same rhythm.

Technically, entrainment means the "mutual phase-locking of 2 or more oscillators". For example, a number of pendulum clocks mounted on the same wall will eventually entrain so that all of the pendulums swing in precise synchrony. For this to happen, the pendulums must have about the same period which is determined by their length. What couples the pendulums are vibrations elastic or sound waves conducted through the structure of the wall.

The Brain's Pacemaker Brainwaves are not constant in frequency but vary from moment to moment. The "pacemaker" or "rhythm section" is located deep in the brain -- specifically in the thalamus.

Careful research is determining the cellular basis of the rhythms Destexhe et al , Wallenstein Calcium ions slowly leak into single thalamocortical neurons, which oscillate for 1. Eventually the thalamic oscillations cease because of the excess Calcium built up in the thalamocortical neurons. During this "silent phase" lasting from 5-to seconds, the brainwaves are said to "free-run". It is during this phase that the brainwaves are susceptible to entrainment by external fields as will be discussed below.

Eventually the thalamic oscillations begin again after the cells have restored their Calcium levels to the point where they are able to oscillate again. The electroencephalographic waves spread not only throughout the brain but also throughout the nervous system via the perineural system and into every part of the organism. In this way, the brainwaves regulate the overall sensitivity and activity of the entire nervous system Becker a, b.

Entrainment of Biological Rhythms -- more controversy This article is heading toward a discussion of the possibility that external signals including signals projected from the hands of an energy therapist can entrain brainwaves during the thalamic "silent" or "free-run" period.

The reader should be aware that the entrainment of biological rhythms is a subject as controversial among biologists as the vitalism versus mechanism issue discussed in Part 1 of this series. The controversy is about whether biological rhythms are predominantly timed by "internal clocks" or "external clocks". While there are good arguments on either side of this issue, the current consensus among scientists is that biological clocks are mostly set by internal pacemakers such as the thalamus and that organisms are for the most part independent of natural energy cycles such as those discussed below.

However, the history of science has repeatedly demonstrated that scientific consensuses have a rhythm of their own, as ideas of one generation give way to new truths based on new data. Most scientists and non-scientists alike take a firm position on one side or the other of this question.

For many, it is obvious that Life is part of a larger fabric. And rhythms of the Sun, Moon, planets, and other celestial bodies must affect us e. For others, it is equally obvious that any such effects -- if they do exist -- are minimal. For many scientists, there is strong bias against any concept that might be taken as support for astrology a field that is widely frowned upon.

There are good reasons to suspect that a persons point of view on this subject is based less on logical analysis and more on their individual emotional and personality structure.

This perspective will be addressed in the second part of this article when energetic aspects of personality structure are examined. GeoMagnetic and GeoElectric Fields Evidence will be presented that the "free-run" periods -- when the brainwaves are not paced by the thalamus -- allow the brains field to be entrained by external electric and magnetic rhythms either natural or man-made.

What is the source of natural electric and magnetic rhythms? The magnetic field of the Earth -- called the geomagnetic field -- causes the compass needle to point toward the North Pole.

However, if you look carefully at a compass needle with a microscope, you will see that the needle is rarely still. Instead, it dances back-and-forth in a variety of rhythms. Some of these rhythms are diurnal 24 hour , some are much slower, and others are quite fast in the ELF range. The latter are called geomagnetic micropulsations.

Key13 - The Scientific Basis of Energy Medicine by James Oschman

They are caused by a unique geophysical mechanism known as the Schumann resonance. In the s, German atmospheric physicist W. Schumann suggested that the space between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere should act as a resonant cavity somewhat like the chamber in a musical instrument Schumann Pressing the keys on a wind instrument changes the size of the cavity and therefore changes the frequency of the standing waves within that cavity.

In a musical instrument, tones are generated when the musician blows over an orifice or reed. Energy for the Schumann resonance is provided by lightning. While you may be experiencing calm weather where you are now, there are on average about lightning strikes taking place each second, scattered about the Planet.

To use the physics terminology, lightning pumps energy into the Earthionosphere cavity and causes it to vibrate or resonate at frequencies in the ELF range. PDF Energy medicine includes a variety of diagnostic and Join for free. Written by recognized energy medicine expert Dr. James Oschman - who is also a physiologist, cellular Oschman, Ph. Energy medicine includes a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic tools that are becoming.

Tribute to Torrent Guasp Oschman Reprint - Semantic Scholar ; James Oschman is one of the leading authorities on the scientific Free global shipping James Oschman — who is also a Modern research science is validating and explaining the Energy medicine - Wikipedia ; Energy medicine, energy therapy, energy healing, vibrational medicine, psychic healing, Oschman believes that "healing energy" derives from electromagnetic Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis p.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Energy Medicine: How to use your body's energies for optimum health and vitality. Foreword by James L. Involvement of nonclassical and quantum forms of energy, eg, A-fields Untitled - Electrosensitivity UK ; Printed on acid-free paper Clinton Ober. Download free at www. Free video, audio, and transcript when you download the course!

Energy Magazine ; cept Energy Medicine and do not understand why it is Jim Oschman is a biophysicist and Nora Oschman is a naturalist. Since they have collaborated on Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine focuses on a wide variety of evidence-based bioelectromagnetic and subtle Shoes block you from receiving a constant supply of the free electrons that shield and Download the free PDF Scalar-Energy Morphogenetic Field Mechanics The problem with James Oschman's book.

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Donna Eden, an energy medicine practitioner and instructor, is The body's healing energies are free, Accessed September 10, Mae-wan ; crystal matrix, biology of free will, electromagnetic fields, water, bioenergetics, complementary medicine. Speakers U. Jim Oschman, biophysicist, is an internationally recognized expert on the scientific basis Jim has written several books including Energy Medicine: the Scientific BasisMost scientists and non-scientists alike take a firm position on one side or the other of this question.

Reiki Energy Medicine: Enhancing the Healing While there are good arguments on either side of this issue, the current consensus among scientists is that biological clocks are mostly set by internal pacemakers such as the thalamus and that organisms are for the most part independent of natural energy cycles such as those discussed below. Finally, the injury current changes as the tissue heals and therefore feeds back information on the progress of repair to surrounding tissues.

While you may be experiencing calm weather where you are now, there are on average about lightning strikes taking place each second, scattered about the Planet. When the micropulsations speeded up into the range of alpha brainwave activity, reaction times were faster. James Oschman. During these periods, the brainwaves may be entrained by external sources such as the biological rhythms of a therapist or geomagnetic oscillations.

This "skip" basis for long distance radio communication.

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