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Indian Penal Code Book

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IPC, Indian Penal Code a.k.a IPC Bare Act Updated to Include Criminal Code of Conduct (Amendment) Act, New Updated Good Color Scheme. 30 results Indian Penal Code: Criminal Law: Lawyers - EBC Webstore. Supreme Court Digest On Indian Penal Code, (1. By Eastern Book Company. The current fourth edition of B.M. Gandhi's Indian Penal Code revised by Dr K.A. Pandey is an This is a latest Reprint Edition This is a Keep-Sake Book.

Government of India Rep.

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By the A. Government India The original section 18 was rep. Section Illustrations a A Collector exercising jurisdiction in a suit under Act 10 of , is a judge. Explanation 1 Persons falling under any of the above descriptions are public servants, whether appointed by the Government or not.

Clause First omitted by the A. Certain words omitted by Act 40 of , sec.

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Explanation 4 ins. Wrongful gain Gaining wrongfully. Losing wrongfully.

A person is said to lose wrongfully whensuch person is wrongfully kept out of any property, as well as whensuch person is wrongfully deprived of property. In , another commission was appointed to review the Code. This commission submitted its report in two parts; one in and the other in According to Sir H. Compton [and others], the existing penal laws could be modified by additions and alterations, the utility or the need of which had been evinced by experience.

At that point, the course of events was overtaken by the Indian Mutiny of One direct consequence of this was that in Parliament withdrew the rights and privileges of the East India Company, leading to direct British rule.

After completion of the legislative process, it was then passed to the Legislative Council of India and received the assent of the Governor-General on 6 October and came onto the Statute Book as the Indian Penal Code 45 of Instead, the codification enterprise of the first Law Commission under his controlling chairmanship was an entire reformulation of what the criminal law ought to be and a rejection of everything that was considered to be defective with the existing common law.

In the late Victorian era it was easy to make such an assumption; it was a period when Englishmen thought that the English and their institutions had reached the highest perfection and it but natural that the rest of the world and particularly the non-European part of it desired to copy them. In cases such as Goranchand and Govinda [14] dealing with the new categorization of unlawful killings as either murder or culpable homicide not amounting to murder , the judges made clear their understanding that the draftsmen of the Code had not undertaken merely to codify the existing common law using the conventional distinction between murder and manslaughter.

Further, their refusal to countenance the citation of English cases demonstrated an understanding that Macaulay and his fellow Commissioners deserved high praise for their reform of the uncertainties and ambiguities for an offence that involved capital punishment. We have derived much valuable assistance from the French Code and from the decisions of the French Courts of Justice on questions touching the construction of that Code.

We have derived assistance still more valuable from the Code of Louisiana. The mistaken belief that the Indian Penal Code must have followed the principles of the English common law has led to many difficulties—not just in India but also in the other jurisdictions that have adopted the Code.

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In particular, there has been an insidious trend to incorporate later decisions of the English courts and even later English legislation, forcibly shoe-horning these into the Code structure and thus freshly creating those very inconsistencies and illogicalities that Macaulay had intended to avoid. Macaulay fully subscribed to the Utilitarian principle that people even convicted criminals were to be treated as rational human beings. As evidence of this, it should be noted that flogging found no place in the original draft, despite the fact that it was commonplace in contemporary England.

In fact, it was only in almost 30 years after Macaulay accomplished his task and three years after the Code came into effect that flogging was returned as a punishment in India. I am firmly convinced that the style of laws is of scarcely less importance than their substance. When we are laying down the rules according to which millions are, at their peril, to shape their actions, we are surely bound to put those rules into such a form that it shall not require any painful effort of attention or any extraordinary quickness of intellect to comprehend them.

They also go a fair way towards explaining why the draft Criminal Code for England and Wales remains only in draft form.

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It should be conceded, however, that in one particular aspect Macaulay and his fellow law commissioners had an advantage not open to modern reformers. A modern code needs to secure the consent of a democratically elected legislature another reason for the failure of the draft Criminal Code to make it to the statute books and to be accepted by the general population to which it will apply.

Scope: the extent to which the law will criminalize inchoate offences principally conspiracies, attempts and incitements. The starting point was to set out the various offences, organized in a rational order. The author has also touched on the present day crimes of corruption. Kelkar Lectures About Us Contact Us.

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By With an Introductio Rs.A novel feature of the book, which qualitatively makes its identity distinct from other books on the Code is that it briefly discusses the concept of socio-economic crimes with a historical outline of their origin and their nature and scope; it also mentions about the nexus between politics and crime and provides a statistical estimate of crimes likely to be committed in India of the 21st century. Of Offences affecting the Human Body. Widest Range of Text Books.

This led to some controversy, with some sections of the Jain community urging the Prime Minister to move the Supreme Court against the order. The first final draft of the Indian Penal Code was submitted to the Governor-General of India in Council in , but the draft was again revised.

The code was drafted in on the recommendations of first law commission of India established in under the Charter Act of under the Chairmanship of Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay.

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